What are the conditions for Free Replacement?

Item once purchased cannot be cancelled, customer can ask for replacement or voucher for next purchase. Replacement request can be made with-in 10 days from date of purchase under following terms and conditions.

•Item received is physically damaged

•Item received has missing parts or accessories

•Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on

•Item received is defective/does not work properly

The free replacement order will be shipped through standard shipping once the original order is returned. Free replacements can be requested if the following conditions apply.


•A free replacement cannot be created for an item which was returned and replaced once earlier.

Warranty terms & conditions

  1. Warranty 2 to 10 years from the date of purchase, proof of purchase has to be shown
  2. Warranty only against  rusting and coloraturas fading
  3. Customer has to send the item to the company with proof of purchase at his cost and bear the cost of return
  4. Warranty limited to replacement of product with one of similar or different design
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