Bathroom in a Box


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All our signature Bathroom accessories in a single package.

Bathroom in a Box:


  1. Sink Rack  – 393 l x 132 b x 42 h (mm)
  2. Corner Stand – 229 l x 229 b x 60 h (mm)
  3. Door Robe – 106 l x 66 b x 64 h (mm)
  4. Towel Rack – 559 l x 145 b x 42 h (mm)
  5. Soap Stand – 142 l x 108 b x 37 h (mm)
  6. Tissue Holder – 203 l x 114 b x 99 h (mm)

All our signature Bathroom accessories in a single package.

Product Features & Benefits:

Introducing Bathroom in-a-box. An assemblage of our signature bathroom accessories in a single package. The most essential Bathroom Fittings required for a perfect bathroom. All the accessories are of:
  • A custom-blend ceramic compound making them lightweight,
  • Durable, and Antibacterial – a first in the segment.
The accessories are completely resistant to rust and do not fade. Making them ideal for long-term exposure to moisture.

Key Features:

Product Specifications & Additional Features:

Steps to fix the Product:

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Box Information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 600 × 220 × 270 mm




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